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MATH 241 – Homework #2

March 27, 2011

INSTRUCTIONS (please read): All of these problems are derived from the textbook. For this homework, please complete all problems by hand (you may use a calculator/computer for multiplication, division, etc.) on a piece of paper. Show your work, otherwise I cannot give partial credit. You will turn this in on Thursday, March 31. This is not be a computer-based assignment.

  1. Question 3.95 (p. 131) – note that this is a sample.
  2. Question 4.2 (p. 149)
  3. Question 4.5 (p. 149)
  4. Question 4.48 (p. 166)
  5. Question 4.63 (p. 176)
  6. Question 4.88 (p. 186)
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