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ECON 320 – International Trade Theory

Latest Course Offering: Summer 2010, Term 5
Course Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 8:10 – 10:30p.
Location: Grand View University, Rasmussen, Room 212

Instructional Resources

  1. Textbook: Global Business Today by Charles W. L. Hill, 6th Edition, McGraw-Hill, Irwin: 2009 ISBN: 978-0-07-338139-8
  2. Periodicals: The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Des Moines Register, New York Times
  3. Blogs: Greg Mankiw, Marginal Revolution, Free Exchange, Dani Rodrik’s Weblog, Growth Commission Blog
  4. Other readings will be distributed online and in-class.

Research ProjectResearch Project Instructions

Reading List

04 May: Introduction to Globalization


Hill – Chp. 1

Institutions in International Trade

Stiglitz, Joseph. Globalization and its DiscontentsChapter 1, The Promise of Global Institutions

06 May:

Political Economy and the Law

Hill – Chp. 2

Sen, Amartya, Development as Freedom – Chapter 2, The Ends and the Means of Development

Political philosophies:

11 May: Culture & Society

Hill – Chp. 3

Sen – Chapter 10, Culture and Human Rights

13 May: Ethics and Social Justice

Hill – Chp. 4

Sen – Chapter 3, Freedom and the Foundations of Justice

18 May: PHASE 1 DUE

International Trade Theory

Hill – Chp. 5

20 May: Political Economy of Trade

Hill – Chp. 6

Stiglitz – Chapter 2, Broken Promises

25 May: Foreign Direct Investment

Hill – Chp. 7

Regional Trade Agreements

Hill – Chp. 8

27 May: PHASE 2 DUE

Foreign Exchange

Hill – Chp. 9

01 Jun: NO CLASS

03 Jun: Monetary Systems

Hill – Chp. 10

08 Jun:   PHASE 3 DUE

10 Jun:   NO CLASS

15 Jun:  Monetary Systems

Hill – Chp. 10

17 Jun: NO CLASS


25 Jun: NO CLASS

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